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2pcs Car Rearview Mirror Rain Protector

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Rainy days pose a safety threat as rearview mirrors blur, hindering road observation. Say goodbye to this danger with our Rain Eyebrows—flexible, elegant add-ons that block rain, ensuring a clear and safe driving view in any weather! 🌧️🚗

💨【Wind Guide Design】

 This product has a special wind guide design. When the car is driving, the rain cover can direct the wind to the mirror surface of the rearview mirror, so that even if there are raindrops on the mirror surface, they will be blown away by the wind.

✨【Keep Clean】

 Using rain brows can ensure good visibility of the rearview mirror on rainy days, and also can reduce the dust deposited on the rearview mirror on sunny days, which is multifunctional.

💪【High quality】

 The product is made of high-quality PVC material, which is not easy to deform and is not afraid of rain; With the rain eyebrows, the rearview mirror's field of view can be clear on rainy days, It can also prevent dust from settling on the rearview mirror on sunny days, which is very practical.

✅【Soft and durable】

 The material used in this product is also soft and highly durable. It can be installed on your car's exterior mirror to block rain, ensuring visibility and driving safety.

😊【Easy installation】

 It has a strong 3M adhesive tape on the back, which is a material with very high adhesion, but does not leave any marks. Note: Please pay attention to clean the rearview mirror before pasting, and install it dry and dust-free after pasting. At low temperatures, please heat it properly with a hair dryer to soften it before installation.

❕【Nice reminder】

 Rain eyebrows will not completely block the rain. This is only an auxiliary function, but it can still stop most raindrops, especially while driving.
2pcs Car Rearview Mirror Rain Protector

2pcs Car Rearview Mirror Rain Protector

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